V.A.N.S & Associates
Advertising, Branding

Entered into the Young Ones 2020 Awards.

Vans, the legendary shoe brand, has recently seen a large shift in the wearers of their products. With this shift, they’ve also seen a souring of their reputation with their core skating audience (ages 15-24).

V.A.N.S & Associates is a shift in identity for Vans. A series of content that introduces a character, personality, and story that veers away from the standard aesthetic of current skater culture. Content that skaters, who feel like casuals are encroaching on their territory, can enjoy apart from the establishment. Chuck V and the V.A.N.S firm embody the spirit of the new Vans Pro Classics and have advertised all throughout the urban sector. They’ve even gone digital to get the word out that they are here to protect you through any bumps, bruises, or rips you might endure while out skating.

Out of Home

Team Members:
Brandon Kim - Copywriter
Matthew Fenster - Art Director

Ender Isin - Designer