Trial of Unity
Branding, Museum Design

Trial of Unity is an endeavor in museum design, completed as a project while attending The Creative Circus. The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Ontario is debuting their new exhibition, Trial of Unity, showcasing the artifacts that tell the story of when an act of kindness causes two world to collide. 
Design for the exhibition’s branding aims to immerse by integrating the symbols of the Luwian and Sijuan people into the exhibiton as assets of discovery. The symbols are used less as forms to be read but objects to experience and study as the symbols group and layer in combinations that allude to the subject matter of the sections of the exhibition. Patrons feel as if they’ve been sent into the mountain carvings left behind by the Luwians and Sijuans as they visually and literally climb over and walkthrough the alphabets of their people.
The project was to be completed achromatically.

Logo design
Product development
Publication design.

Atlanta, GA