Branding, Web Design

As an assignment, we were tasked with developing a product-based extension for an existing brand. Pleco by Brita was developed with the mission of vastly reducing the amount of microfibers that enter our water cycle every day due to the shedding fabrics from a load of laundry.

One piece of synthetic clothing can release 700,000 fibers in a single wash. The more that fibers are present in our environment, the more they will be consumed by wildlife. They’re a contributing factor in the bleaching of the coral reefs. Brita is committed to providing clean, high quality water to their consumers. Pleco furthers that cause.

Responsibilities: Branding •  Web Design  •  UX/UI

Team Members:
Veronica Burkhart - Art Director
Caroline Robb - Art Director
Peter Prendergast - Copywriter


The Pleco brand is a sleek flexible and self-aware. An identity fitting for an environmenal utlity with it’s basin-like curvature that then devolves and extends to flesh out the identity.

The microfiber graphics acts as visualizations for an invisible contaminant. A way for consumers to associate the brand directly with the cause they’ve dedicated themselves to solving. The forms are both reminiscent of the logo, while being clearly distorted into something that does not belong.

You can find aspects of the identity swirling, floating and creeping throughout each of Pleco’s assets. An ever-present reminder of the microber’s prevalence in our environment.

Experiential Installation

In select locations around the country, such as Best Buy, you will be able to dive beneath the sea and view the countless microfibers that have entered our ecosystems. As you walk through the space, you can view and interact with the machine itself, lit from below by it’s trademark symbol. 


The site offers the full scope of what the new technology is introducing to the world of appliances. Microfibers flow throughout the site as you learn the washing machine’s mission, features, and even a tax credit as an added perk for helping the environment.

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