Obscure Storage

Obscure Storage is a series of examinations, understanding the characteristics and motifs held within the plastic bag.

These bags were gathered throughout the metro Atlanta area at a series of restaurants, shops, and households.

A common item, the plastic bag can often be left in the peripheral view, these items act as the last line of branding when leaving an establishment. These bags are cast to the side as litter or held in the dark recesses of living spaces. This study aims to show how these items have embraced their environment and the purposes for their existence as they are stretched, filled, crumbled, tied, inflated, and contorted in countless ways.

The features of each container were brought to life within the collection using scans as a device that was believed to bring a level of contrast and detail that could not be achieved by other means. “Translucent, Mysterious, Obstructive, Rippled, and Form-fitting” act as generalized areas wherein the bags express their unique form as they shift and shrink in countless ways.